What You Need to Know about Scratchcard Lottery Games

Scratch Card Lottery Games

The idea of scratching a panel to reveal a prize goes back beyond the 1950s. The popularity of the idea boomed when the lottery formed, and scratch cards found their way into every licensed store that issued lottery tickets. Come the mid-90s and those games become digitalized and put onto the worldwide web. Though accessing them in the realms of casinos became a bit more trickier. Gaming developers had been producing virtual scratch card games, but online casinos didn’t associate them as a classic form of casino gambling. Finding them alone can be time-consuming and tricky, but thankfully with sites such as this one, the task of acquiring online scratchcards is made a lot easier.


From this site, you are able to select casinos that are legal in South Africa. They are legal because they hold the right licenses and are also certified as being operators with fair games that have been fully tested. The test carried out by these regulators actually check the algorithms of the games to make sure they are not corrupted by bad coding. In short, you can play with peace of mind knowing the scratch games housed by these sites are fair and legitimate and yes, what you win will be paid out in rand currency.

Revealing the World of Scratch Cards

When you pick your casino from the recommended sites, you will be introduced to a world that is uniquely diverse. You can play games in their hundreds that cover every theme and style. After online scratch cards, only online slot machine games have more diverse games in number. With the scratch card games, you will also be able to play titles that are based on well-known movies and TV shows like Deal or No Deal™ and the movie Rocky™.

There are also different forms of scratch card games to play. Your ‘traditional’ game provides a single opportunity to win a prize, this is why the whole action of a scratch game is over within seconds. Then you have games that come with multiple ways to win, these, for example, allow you to scratch at three different panels, giving you more opportunity for the same cost. Some games also come with bonus sections, so there really is a good mix of entertainment to have from something that is so simple to play in no time at all.

Now if nothing is making sense at this stage because you have never played a game of scratch card before, then the rules are so easy to grasp, that a child could do it blindfolded, not to suggesting you test this out for real.

The game online plays as it does with ‘real’ card formats. You have a gaming panel; this panel is scratched away to reveal symbols hidden beneath. In online games, the play button is what reveals the symbols and if you match 3 of them, you win! The amounts you win are determined by the value you set the wager at. If you bet low, you will win smaller sums. The more you increase the wagering value, the larger the outcome of the prize is. The current largest online scratch card game is at 15,000,000 rand. If you didn’t know this before, you can now begin to see why the game has such a global appeal to players, fast money and big money too.


Better Than the ‘Real’ Thing

So, why play online if you can just walk to the store and play lottery scratch cards? Well, it doesn’t really come down to the fact that there are more choices online or that they are made by the best software developers in the world, it’s all about fairness.

With store-bought scratch cards, you have no idea if the jackpot has been won already and if it has, these cards will remain on sale till they are all sold. So, you have a situation where all the major prizes have been won and you’re buying a ticket that cannot give you a profit at all.

When it comes to playing online scratch cards, it is entirely different. If the jackpot is won, it is replaced, allowing for others to be able to win it. It is this clear distinction of fairness that makes online scratch cards the better option to play.

See for yourself the benefits of playing the lottery game inside the best casinos in South Africa and look out for the many available bonuses that can be used against the game to help you win real money for free!